2 Design Options for my Home Office

In my previous home my office was on the third floor and it just so happens that we have a very similar layout at our new house that allows me to have my office on the third floor again! It is definitely much more space than I need, but it works very well because I’m separated from the rest of the house and it’s actually quiet enough for me to be quite productive!

The space I’m in now is more rectangular in shape than my old space, but it has the same half wall situation that my past office had as well. If this room wasn’t finished it would be attic space and the half wall exists to provide space for HVAC ducting.

It helped me immensely to ask Modsy to give me a few design options for my office so naturally, I did the same thing when we moved to the new house!

I explained that I needed a space for my desk (and it was likely going to stay in the same spot that I currently have it) and then a filming area for video, as well as a few other styled spots for filming or photos. I checked a few boxes on their questionnaire to explain my style preference and they really nailed it. I already have a favorite but I’d love to hear which design style you like best!

Office Design Option One

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? I love this design! It feels so light and fresh, and a bit California inspired as well. I really like the variety of filming areas and the cute set up with the mirror.

Office Design Option Two

This design feels a bit more minimal and modern than the first one, to me, but I still think it’s very pretty. I love this last area with the two chairs angled towards each other as a conversation area. And I really like the art selection in the built in’s behind the desk as well!

So, between both designs (which aren’t extremely different, I know) which is your favorite?  (photos are screenshots of the Modsy designs I purchased)

P.S. Curious about my old office? Read this post! You can also read about my experience with Modsy in designing our downstairs family area at the old house here!