Unsung Makeup Heroes: Essie Angora Cardi

Unsung Makeup Heroes: Essie Angora Cardi

What’s an unsung hero in beauty-speak? For me, it’s an oftentimes underrated makeup (or polish!) morsel, a permanent collection product that scoots under the radar of many makeup lovers but regularly rocks my world. My long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorites.

(Not so) Deep thoughts: do you suppose Cardi B ever wears Essie Angora Cardi?

HMMM… I wonder!

If anybody could actually point me in the direction of a chunky, cozy cardigan that’s the exact same shade as this nail polish, I’ll be forever grateful. I like the idea of having something to match with it because it’s one of my favorite fall colors, and I think it could be one of yours, too.

It’s a deep, creamy dusty rose, $9, and you can find it in Essie’s permanent line, so it’s not going anywhere. Thank goodness, because it’s one of those shades I’ll wear year after year after year, especially this time of year between seasons.

Meet me in the middle

It’s like the transitional booty bootie of the nail polish world. Not quite as light as your “starter” fall colors like Essie Clothing Optional, which I like to wear late August/early September, but not as deep and dark as the full-on vampy colors we see everywhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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