3 Personal Goals for September

I hesitate to call this a series because I’m notorious for saying, “THIS IS A NEW SERIES” and then there is only one round before I move on to something else.

What can I say, I’m an ideas person. I’ve got a million ideas but only a small fraction of them actually come to fruition. That’s why I’m thankful to have Amanda as a part of the team here to help execute and complete tasks (I’m an obliger after all!). You’ll learn more about her soon!

It’s a new month, though, and since time is speeding by like a freight train, I’m trying to be more intentional about how I spend it. It seems like more than ever there are daily reminders about how short life can be, and I certainly don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted it.

So, for September, here are 3 realistic goals that I’ve set for myself:

One. Take more DSLR photos of my kids. Due to the nature of my job, I have my phone near me quite often. And due to the nature of being 4 and 5 years old, my boys turn into manical, loud animals whenever I aim the phone lens in their direction. I blame this on myself and fun snapchat filters. So I want to remember to use my camera, just the plain old camera that doesn’t have fun voice changers or face distortion apps, and take photos of my kids doing things that kids do. I am always saving photos of the kids to albums in my phone for my Chatbooks and I’ve realized that I don’t take as many good photos of the kids as I wish I did!

Two. Read more/again. I loved reading as a kid. I mean, loved it! I was always a fast reader and loved anything from a biography to fiction. The older I’ve gotten, and the more kids I’ve had, the less time I spend reading. I recently bought the book “How To Talk so Little Kids will Listen” and am slowly working through it. Even only a few pages in I was reminded of how refreshing and valuable it is to pour information into you that prompts you to think more deeply about what you are (or aren’t!) doing.

Three. Find a way to serve/volunteer with the kids. Justin and I have a few organizations we support financially, but something we love to do at the end of the year, near Christmas, is to reach out to friends who may know someone with any specific, tangible needs so we can bless them. We bought our former neighbor’s car that she was selling and gifted it to someone who needed a vehicle. I know that giving financially is needed but it feels different (maybe more “real”) to fulfill a very specific need in a way that helps a particular family or person, you know what I mean? Anyway, the kids can’t really understand the value of giving financially, but they can definitely see the value in spending their time giving back, so I’d love to find an organization or way that we can serve with our kids.

Do you have any goals or hopes for this month?