Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush Review & Swatches

Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush ($8) is one of two new Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush shades that launched with the Peach color collection. I picked up the Big Ole Peach Collection that actually included the two blushes and the bronzer and the best out of the three shades for me turned out to be the Fresh n Peachy shade.

I’m pretty much obsessed with peach blushes (and eyeshadows, and lipglosses, and so on…) but I gotta admit I do wish they included a more glow-y blush with this collection like that gorgeous My Sun and Stars Blush shade I recently reviewed. All the powders in this collection are matte in finish. Boooo! I always feel like peaches should be sparkly or glow-y!

If you like a matte finish blush that’s subtle you might enjoy the Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush!

Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush is $8 and 0.21 oz in size. It comes in a cute mirrored compact that’s decorated with peaches. I’m really liking some of these monochromatic launches that Colourpop has done lately. It’s really turning into a collect them all type of situation for me. It doesn’t help at all that they release them individually or in a bulk where you can buy the entire collection in a single swoop for $70-$90 bucks. It’s so damn hard to resist!

Anyway, this collection wasn’t escaping me! I love peach too much not to grab it all up!

I was a bit disappointed in the blushes and bronzer. The other blush is really light and sheer and Fresh n Peachy is pretty natural. I like a bit more pop to my blush! It looks a lot darker online than it is in person. I’d called it a light peachy cantaloupe with more of an orange-y undertone than a peach one. The formula is silky smooth and thinner with a powdery kick up when a brush is swiped across it but it isn’t dry nor chalky. It applies and blends well on me. I think matte blush can be tricky as the formula sometimes adheres to drier areas or blends patchy. This did not. It’s very silky and it blends perfectly with a nice smooth finish that wasn’t dry nor did it cling to drier areas of my face.

The downside is the fact it looks very natural on me. I tend to like blush with a bit more pop and color pay off. I especially like blushes that have a bit of sparkle or glow to them. This was just a bit lackluster. That being said, I can go way overboard with blush application and this is a nice shade to play with because it applies so naturally without over look too crazy no matter how heavy handed you are with it!

Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush should be an appealing pick for natural blush lovers!

Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush is available now.

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Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush is a new, limited edition $8 blush that’s 0.21 oz in size that released with a new monochromatic Peach Collection for Summer 2019. This blush has a soft, silky formula with a matte finish that blended well and had a smooth, even appearance on my face without clinging to drier areas. It wore for about seven hours before showing some signs of fading. The shade is a lighter peachy cantaloupe with a hint of a warmer, orange undertone. It’s a bit sheer and does require building but isn’t easily overdone and looks very natural. I do wish it was a bit more pigmented and perhaps a bit of sparkle or shimmer would have been nice to give it a bit of pop as it looks a bit lackluster on me and I like more pop to my blush!


  • Affordable.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Very nice formula that blends easily.


  • Sheerer more natural looking (great if you like your blush more natural not so great if you want more of a pop to your blush!).


Colourpop Fresh n Peachy Pressed Powder Blush is a great pick for anyone with a heavy hand as it applies very natural and can’t be overdone. Should be an appealing pick up for anyone that likes a more natural looking blush!

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