Transitional Booties at DSW

Transitional Booties at DSW

I got a coupon in the mail for some good deals on early season boots at DSW, so I went! — despite the fact that it was 92 degrees with nary a cloud in the sky.

Thankfully for me and my feet, DSW has the answer to navigating this very confusing time of year between summer and fall, and the answer is something I call “transitional booties.”

Did you laugh like a teenage boy when I said, “transitional booties”? Because I crack up every time I say it, ha ha ha!

So, what is a transitional bootie? Well, they’re ankle boots, usually made from suede or leather, that you can wear with summery dresses or your favorite fall pant/cozy sweater combo, and they go with everything during that weird in-between phase between summer and fall.

My favorite type of transitional booties are perforated ankle booties.

They have the little hole cutouts in the shoe material, a la instant air conditioning for your feet. On warm days, you can wear them without socks, and perhaps with a dress.

And on cool days…socks!

I really like the Rizzo by Baretraps because of the low heel and the rounded toe.

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