2 Makeup Products to Feel Ready fo Fall

Without getting a brand new makeup kit for Fall, I thought I’d show you two easy to use products to add into your makeup bag for this next season. The thing I always miss as the days start to cool off is the natural glow that can radiate from warm, sun-kissed skin. Personally, I love when my freckles pop through and I try to go makeup-free as often as possible in the summer when I can!

In the fall, the warmth of the skin can fade and some of the brightness can get lost as well. Adding a glow-inducing setting powder can be the perfect solution to that loss of sun-kissed skin!

A setting powder is used differently than a highlighter so I want to note that I’m talking about a full-face setting powder in this post. You can use a glowing setting powder AND a highlight as well– you do you girl!

I like to dust this Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow by Laura Mercier all over my skin after applying my foundation. Then I’ll finish with a powder contour, blush, and highlight. If I need to retouch during the day, I’ll simply dust a little bit more of this powder on top of my existing makeup.

The fluffier the brush, the lighter the application. In my opinion, the bigger the better with a product like this so you don’t pack too much into one specific area.

It’s very similar to Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour but has a softer, more natural finish!

I also like to find a slightly deeper, more mauve toned lipstick when summer fades away. The shade I’m wearing in these photos is “East End Snob” and it’s a liner by Rimmel London. I found it at the drugstore but I’ve learned it can be kind of hard to find! Right now, I’m seeing it in a two-pack on Amazon so click here to purchase it.

One perk of adding in a liner is you can use it as a base to your existing favorite pink lipsticks. It’ll add a nice layer of depth behind a nude pink!

Is there anything you add back into your makeup kit when summer ends?