The Only 3 (Very Comfortable!) Shoe Trends Worth Knowing for Fall

You don’t usually hear the words “stylish” and “comfortable” together—fashion just never seems to work that way. Don’t get me wrong: If I found a shoe I could wear all day at work (through photo shoots, running from meeting to meeting, and grabbing coffee across the street) sans blisters and aches and cramping, I swear I’d be forever grateful. 

I didn’t ever think that day would come, but ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong… So wrong. Meet the latest collection from Aerosoles—we’re talking boots, sandals, and heels that do not look like any comfortable shoe I’ve ever seen. When I slipped my foot into a pair, I couldn’t help but sit in shock—they were stylish and, dare I say it, comfortable.

Even better, the brand’s latest collection encompasses the three key shoe trends are endorsing for fall: I’m talking animal prints aplenty, a full-on rainbow of suede, and the creamiest, dreamiest neutral options we’ve ever feasted our eyes on. Serious shopping temptation ahead…




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