The Cheap Way to Make Your Fall Outfits Look Expensive

There are some things that, no matter how expensive or affordable, always look luxe. And for reasons I honestly don’t fully understand myself, I’ve noticed that statement sweaters are one of them. Maybe it’s because a fun sweater allows us to stray from our much safer, simpler everyday purchases. Who knows…

What I do know, however, is how easy it is to buy one of the aforementioned fancy knits for a lot less than you'd think. Why? Because we made some. Thanks to our Who What Wear collection for Target, the fall must-have can be yours for as little as $30. So, to wrap things up, buy the statement sweater, style it with jeans or trousers or a skirt and boots—whatever floats your boat. But before that can happen, feast your eyes on the fashion month outfit inspo I’ll be using to style mine below and shop our affordable knits to get the look along the way.

Style Tip: An animal-print sweater will look cool no matter what you wear it with, but extra points if you pair it with bold bottoms.

Style Tip: Balloon sleeves are always eye-catching—even in "basic" colors.

Style Tip: Even a cardigan in a classic silhouette can make a statement in the right color.

Also available in more sizes.

Style Tip: Horizontal stripes are an easy way to incorporate print into your wardrobe while still making sure it's flattering. 

Also available in more sizes.

Style Tip: Instead of getting shy with your animal-print sweater, double down and pair it with of-the-moment embossed boots.

Also available in more sizes.

Style Tip: Style a black-and-white sweater with your favorite colorful pants.

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to combine two classic prints in one outfit.

Also available in more sizes.

Style Tip: Wear a long animal-print cardigan with your favorite white accessories for cool contrast.

Style Tip: If bold colors aren't your thing, emulate this fun play on neutrals.

Style Tip: Nail transitional dressing by opting for a short-sleeve knit on warmer days.

Also available in more sizes.

Also available in more sizes.

Up next: speaking of sweaters, I'm 5'2", and this is what I'm buying for fall.