Life Simplifiers: Kids Clothes

photo by Carissa Graham from a grandparent shoot earlier this year

I was talking with my friend recently about kids clothes and she was telling me that she almost gets more enjoyment from dressing her kids (two boys) than dressing herself.

I literally could not feel more opposite than her. And I must admit, I thought I would care more about what my kids wore before I became a mom, but as it turns out I’m pretty apathetic about what they wear.

I *do* care that their hair is done and that they don’t have food on their faces or hands, but as far as their outfits go I let them choose almost every morning.

When buying new clothes for the boys, I try to stay within a dedicated colorway for each kid. It’s not something I consciously decided, but I found myself getting more navy, blue, green, or white for Luke, and more black, grey, orange and red for David.

This makes it easy for them to pick out whichever shirt or shorts they want to wear and still look coordinated. It sets them up for success, empowers them to feel responsible for their clothes, and saves me from having to ask them to change clothes.

As far as Emily goes, she still wears whatever we chose for her and has only expressed dissatisfaction with some dresses. She’s a busy little girl so putting her in dresses, especially ones that hit mid-calf on her, is a recipe for disaster. She’ll trip on it and seem annoyed that it’s getting in her way, so I generally put her in stretchy shorts and a simple or tunic-length top. We love the Cat & Jack bike shorts to go under some of her longer tops.

Some of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes are Target, Old Navy, H&M (online since in-store can be a little challenging), and Carters. We also absolutely love Hanna Andersson pajamas too!