How to Balance Jewelry

I love jewelry. I typically follow jewelry trends pretty closely and I have to say I’m pretty happy that bracelets have come back into style. I haven’t quite jumped on the wrap or beaded bracelet trend yet, but I love the delicate and dainty options.

My personal guideline when choosing my jewelry for the day is to balance the look with an 80/20 ratio.

For example, if “100%” is the maximum impact a piece of jewelry can give, and the necklace I’m wearing gives off about an 80% impact, I’m going to balance it with more understated earrings that only add 20% impact.

So a statement necklace is paired with more delicate earrings, while conversely, a delicate necklace can handle stronger statement earrings.

The only time I like to really layer up is if everything is delicate. I’ll happily layer a few necklaces on top of each other that are delicate, and add a watch with a smaller delicate bracelet as well.

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