3 Things I Wish I Did on Moving Day

This photo was *not* taken on moving day and, in fact, I have zero photos from moving day so I thought I’d balance the memories of the exhaustion whilst typing this out with a more serene photo!

We moved at the end of June and I cannot believe it’s been just over 1 month that we’ve lived in the new house. So many things happened in the month of July, and all of them were wonderful things, but honestly, I can barely remember details from those first few days of living here.

In order to provide a little help if you are embarking on a move soon, I thought I would share 3 things that I wish I did on moving day to make everything go more smoothly.

One. I wish I had brought paper, markers, and tape to the new house and labeled each room. I figured I would just stand at the door and tell the movers where certain furniture would go, but that was more difficult than I had anticipated. Our move ran longer than expected so I was scrambling to unpack a few of the essentials at 11:00pm and didn’t want to stand at the door and make a decision about where a rug would go. I ended up ripping the paper from an old appliance manual and scribbling out the kids’ names on the scraps. I taped them to the door frames with used tape that I had ripped off a box.

Two. I wish I had stocked the bathrooms with tissues, trash cans, and toilet paper. The movers and my family could have saved some time instead of trying to track down some bathroom essentials if I had stocked them before the move!

Three. I wish I had arranged more childcare. I did have a sitter for most of the day, but at 3:00pm she needed to leave and I had to wrangle the kids while trying to also be available for the movers if they had questions. It was not pretty. And the thing is, David and Luke were fine. It really was more Emily who needed the attention. Part of that is her age as a 14-month-old, and the other part is that we didn’t have any gates up and all of the exterior doors were wide open for movers so danger was imminent. And when I say danger, I mean falling in the pool, or down the steps, or walking right out into the street. So I needed to keep the kids contained in a room with the door closed or go back to the other house where there WERE gates installed and let Emily be free. If I had to do it over, I would have tried harder to get additional childcare for the second half of the day. As much as I accomplished prior to moving day, there was still a lot of work left for the actual day of moving, and it left me feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted.

A lot of our move was made easier by the fact that we stayed in the same city and hadn’t yet sold our previous home, but moving day nonetheless was still a very long and exhausting day! All that being said, it feels like a dream come true to live in this home and I’m very happy to be here.

photo by Jordan Maunder