links + loves

I shared a little snap of a corner of the house on Instagram earlier this week. I mentioned changing the paint color in the caption and received hundreds of suggestions on what color to paint the walls! If you are looking for recommendations of a cream, white, gray, or taupe-gray color, find this photo on my Instagram feed and read through the comments! The rug is from Wayfair.

More than anything I’m looking to eliminate the yellow tones of the current wall color. I don’t want to do gray as I’m a little tired of all the gray on the walls. I came from a house that was primarily painted “Amazing Gray” by Sherwin Williams, which is a beautiful gray, but I’m looking to stay in more of the creams, cool-toned taupes, and earthy tones in this house. The house feels very southern so I’m trying to stick with choices that fit the existing design and feel.

We painted Justin’s office NYPD blue in the last house, and I LOVED that color so much. There is a formal sitting room currently painted green at this house that he’s considering taking as his office and I may very well paint it the same color since I loved it so much.

A few other links + loves:

A great post about modest one-piece swimsuits that are beautiful + great for playing/activity near water!

Perhaps one of the most convincing blog posts I’ve read by Caroline. :: Added to my cart immediately::

Such a cute kaftan!

A pretty grid of salad dressings.

I bought the Flamingo wax strips and am anxious to try them!

I love that this is a bodysuit that is relaxed a bit on top!

Have a great weekend! We have zero plans and are thrilled to death about that!