About The Sephora Summer Bonus Event + a few holy grail products

I mentioned in Instagram Stories recently that one of the many reasons why I love wearing neutral tones in my outfits is that it gives me full and complete freedom over what I want to do with my makeup on any given day.

Like wearing blue eyeliner, for example.

The experimenting part of makeup has always excited me, and while I certainly love to have a “go-to” look that I can pretty much do on autopilot, pushing myself outside of the box to try something a little different can be a good reminder to try new things!

I’ve worn navy blue eyeliner plenty of times but I just recently put it in my makeup bag so I grab it much more often.

Sephora is celebrating the last few bits of summer with a Summer Bonus Event exclusively for Rouge and VIB members. In the past, you may have heard me mention other Sephora events that are open to all tiers, but this specific sale is a special reward for the top two-tiered members.

Here are a few details: it’s unlimited use in-store and online, and the code is “SUMMERSAVE” to enter at checkout. Rouge members will save 20%, and VIB members will save 15%! The event starts 8/19 for Rouge Members, then opens up to VIB on 8/20 and runs through 8/27.

If you are neither of these tiers but happen to have a friend that is a Rouge member, he or she can bring you in-store on 8/19 and you can also get 20% off your purchase!

If you aren’t signed up to be a Sephora Beauty Insider yet, it’s completely free to do so. You earn points and get access to special promotions, events, and more. You can sign up by clicking here!

I filmed a demonstration of this makeup look, with a focus on the navy blue eyeliner application. The smudge brush is key! It’s one of the few brushes that I never travel without and always have in my makeup bag.

More than ever I like my foundation to provide medium coverage instead of full coverage. I used to be a full coverage foundation wearer, but I’m loving the more natural look that allows my freckles to pop through. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is one of my holy grail foundations. The coverage is simply beautiful, looks natural, but provides evenness and glow to my skin. Second in line is NARS Sheer Glow, another beautiful sheer to medium coverage that looks very natural and is buildable in coverage.

You may have noticed in the video that I had a few red spots and scars to cover on my chin area. The trick I want to share with you is to apply concealer to those areas and allow it to dry for a few seconds. Sometimes the hasty act of applying concealer and immediately blending it in can blend away too much of the product. So dot it on, move on to another area of the face to apply, then return back to the first area and blend it in. I prefer to use my finger so I can warm the concealer up a bit too!

This post was created in partnership with Sephora. A few details about the bonus event: Product exclusions: . Not valid on The Ordinary products . Clients are limited to the purchase of one Dyson item, three Drunk Elephant items, five Morphe items, and three Tatcha items per SKU per transaction